travertine installation houstonLooking for travertine installation service in Houston?

We have many years of travertine installation experience working not only directly with residential customers, but also working with home builders in our area.

Laying travertine is not the same as installing tile or porcelain, travertine installation needs an installer with experience.

You need a travertine installation contractor with experience

Travertine requires a concrete slab that is close to perfect level. Without that you can get a un-level travertine floor.

Plain Travertine installation need to have a close or no grout line. This means the installation has to be perfect to not have different tile highs which it ruins the look of the floor.

Travertine is also a heavier materials that tile or porcelain and because of it, the mortar has to be in the right consistency. If it’s too soft will sink, but if it doesn’t have enough water you run the risk of not sticking 100% to the floor.

Travertine is also a porous material, it has to be sealed after the installation.

This are a few of the most important points of the travertine installation process and as you can see, it is not an easy task to have a great looking travertine floor.

Don’t worry, we take care of all that when we perform the service for you.

Travertine services we offer

  • Bathroom walls and shower
  • Kitchen backplash
  • Travertine floors
  • Exterior work in Lanay, porch or pools.
  • Travertine sealer application

Professional Travetine Installation Work Guaranteed!

We have been doing for a long time, we know what we are doing and know how important this investment is for you. You want your home to look perfect, that’s why put all our efforts in providing the best work we can.